Our Association

Few wine enthusiasts are aware that the Tokaj region gave the world its first ever vineyard classification system. This 18th century classification divided about 13% of the area into first, second, and third growths. In 1991 a number of wineries owning classified vineyards chose to join forces in an effort to restore the world’s first recognised natural sweet wine domain to its former glory.

Thus, the Tokaj Renaissance Association was founded in 1995 by 8 large and middle-sized wineries. Over the past few years, the association has admitted new members and now unites the top 20 wineries of the region including some small-scale family estates.

Strict wine making standards are regulated in the Association’s Charter.



Our goals and objectives include:

– the protection and promotion of the concept of Great Growth Wines in the Tokaj region, based on the authenticity of the best Tokaj vineyards and local wine making traditions.

– the promotion of Tokaj wines and of the Tokaj region as a whole, including the development of wine tourism in a region which has recently been declared a world heritage site.

– participation in wine fairs and tastings, as well as the organization of study trips for wine writers and wine professionals.

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